Detectable Plastics for Engineering Applications in the Food Industry

It seems that these days we see more and more headlines’ informing the public about food recalls due to plastic contamination. In fact, the number of food recalls made necessary by plastic contamination doubled in 2016 from the previous year according to information reported by QA Magazine, a publication dedicated to covering Quality Assurance and Food Safety. The article states, “The introduction of the new Food Safety Modernization Act in the USA has delivered a sea change in the way the industry and regulatory authorities observe and react to protect the public from unsafe food.” (1)

Plastic Machining or Injection Molding Debate

Why pay for expensive tooling when you can have a part like this at a fraction of the cost. We’ve been getting a lot of questions on the subject of Plastic Machining vs. Molding?

Laminated Plastics Launches New, Improved Website

Laminated Plastics is pleased to announce the launch of their newly redesigned and modernized website. The company, located in Billerica Massachusetts, is one of the most established distributors and fabricators in the country, and has had a presence on the internet for years. Recent Improvements and updates include mobile device compatibility, more streamlined navigation, more active coordination with social media, and industry news in the form of blogs, white papers, and news flashes. Lou Johnson, the company’s sales manager, is pleased with the changes, and adds “the modernization of our website will allow our customers to communicate with us better, faster, and with more focus on their specific needs than ever before. Our belief is that our site will be an efficient resource for anyone needing information on our services and products, as well as plastics in general.”