Cut-To-Size Service for Plastic Sheet, Rod, Tube, and Film

Laminated Plastics is expert at cutting plastics with accuracy and proper squareness essential for various applications such as industrial manufacturing.

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Digital Cutting Equipment

We use the latest digital cutting equipment throughout our facility to ensure accuracy and squareness are maintained when cutting plastic sheet, rod, and tube.

Laminated Plastics has the expertise to easily Cut-To-Size across a broad range of engineering plastics, glass, and phenolic laminates.

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Large Variety of Plastics Cut-to-Size

Plastics such as Ultem PEI, Ultem Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Nylon, and Acetal are all easily Cut-To-Size by our highly-skilled team of professionals.

Some of the other Cut-To-Size plastics include PTFE, PVC, HDPE, UHMWPE, and other exotic plastics including TorlonSemitronPEEK.

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Get Your Plastics Cut-To-Size by the Experts

For more information, or to have your order Cut-To-Size, please contact one of our experienced sales-team members.


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